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L' île de Bambecque is an 18th century farm in French Flanders near the Westhoek, just across the border in the French town of Bambecque. On this farm we want to develop an ecosocial project where a home will be created for everyone. We would like to reconnect nature and man with our fresh, organic vegetables, fruits and herbs from the field as well as with the tranquility we experience here.

The focus is on vulnerable groups. We want to give them the opportunity to enjoy nature, but without alienating them from society. Staying active in daily farm life can be an invigorating experience that has a positive influence on mental resilience. We find it important to stimulate social contact with others in this place.

Besides that, the farm cooperates with VZW WVA (Westhoek Vrije tijd Anders) which means that also people with disabilities find their place here. As the name says, WVA provides free time for these people. And say it yourself: where better to do that than on an ecosocial farm? We do not want to focus only on leisure, but also want to offer overnight stays and holidays in nature.

Through this cooperation, we can upgrade the charming farmhouse to a holiday residence, which will also accommodate groups. We like to make it a place for everyone so we will also organise regular events and activities where we can connect people with each other, both French and Belgians, young and old, ... among others through workshops and various cultural and gastronomic events.

The proceeds of the holiday home and the events will serve as an investment in our project! Stay tuned on our Facebook page. Thank you for being part of it!

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L' île de Bambecque staat open voor iedereen die op zoek is naar rust, eenvoud, vertraging, transitie in een gezonde, natuurlijke omgeving.

Bovendien werkt L'île de Bambecque samen met vzw WVA (Westhoek Vrije tijd Anders) zodat ook mensen met diverse beperkingen en andere kwetsbare groepen hier hun plaatsje vinden. Samen met hun begeleiders beleven ze hier aangepaste activiteiten en vakanties.

Voor elke bezoeker is actief zijn in het dagelijkse boerderijleven een verkwikkende ervaring, die de veerkracht versterkt en sociale verbinding creërt in een grensoverschrijdend perspectief. Zo bouwen we aan een warme, internationale gemeenschap.

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