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At L'île de Bambecque, we are looking for partners!

We would like to expand our summer offer and are looking for enthusiastic people who would like to contribute their share to the new, ecological, conscious story that our earth and our hearts deep down long for. Specifically, we want to offer a wider range of events, activities and workshops. 


Our clay workshops have been the ideal kick-off for this and it tastes like more!

We aim to develop L'île de Bambecque as an open creation and research place where we build on the much-needed sustainable transformation. Through all kinds of events, we want to add value in many areas for this transition. Our focus is on consciousness raising, ecology, sustainability, personal development, creativity, spirituality, local independence, ...

We ourselves are organising our pop-up summer bars a few times this summer and it would be nice to have you joining us in adding value!

Our infrastructure and daily activities offer a nice framework for numerous possibilities: 

-pop up restaurant 

(meal 100% from the country) Novice chefs who want to experiment? More than welcome!

-meditation/yoga/tantra/... Retreat

-circles, singing circles, drum circles, male/female circles, ceremonies, ...

-ecstatic dance, concert,...

-bushcraft, sustainable living, permaculture, natural building,... 


-artistic creative workshops

-education, training


Do you see yourself, or an acquaintance, working with us to host your event that fits within these themes? We would love to get in touch to start the creative process! 

Sharing this call is very much appreciated!!!

Warm regards

Team L'île de Bambecque

Marieke Masson
Posted on
29 April 2023