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COB workshop: from soil to wall




There are 2 super fun, educational clay workshops coming up at L'île de Bambecque!!!

From the 15th till the 18th of March and from the 22nd till the 25th of March, you are welcome to dip our hands (and feet) in the clay together :)

At Lîle de Bambecque, we are well on our way to building a beautiful, natural outdoor kitchen. Last year, we built the foundation, the basic wall, the wooden support structure and the roof, all with local, natural and recycled materials. It has been a fascinating process of growth and development, and now we would like to share a part of it with you.

We have now arrived at building the walls with clay/cob. With the clay present in our soil, we can make an ideal building mix. What a wealth to be able to build with the ground under our feet!
The aim of this workshop is that after these 3 days of feeling and shaping the material yourself, you will have the confidence to start experimenting with it.
The applications are endless!

This workshop is a combination of theory, edge information, practical tips to find the right proportions, and mixing, feeling, building and shaping clay. In short, all the tools you need to then get started yourself!

The workshop consists of 3 intensive learning and working days, from Thursday to Saturday. To get to know the place and each other a bit better, we ask you to arrive on Wednesday afternoon/evening, so that we can dive straight in on Thursday. There may also be an overnight stay on Saturday night, which might lead to a spontaneous and fun finale.

Accommodation and meals are offered by us for €60. At Lîle de Bambecque, we strongly stand for conscious local and sustainable consumption. Therefore, meals will be basic vegetarian/vegan, made with what is available locally (and from our land). A real luxury, in other words 🙂

This workshop is offered through the principle of free donation/give economy.
Only the accommodation and meals are a fixed price.
Free donation in this sense means that each person attending the workshop, having experienced the whole thing, feels within themselves what this was worth to you in the end. Taking into account your own financial situation and possibilities, of course.
This is how you give back what you feel good about! And that is very powerful!

It is time to trust each other again more and thus give each other the power and opportunity to break through old scarcity systems.
We trust you and hope to continue organising our events in this way in the future 🙂 .

The basic overnight accommodation is in our old but cosy attic. There are 2 rooms that can be split for men and women. Solid mattresses are provided, but it is best to bring a thick sleeping bag, sheets, blankets and pillows. Camping is also allowed on the domain for those who see fit.

Besides the standard overnight options (loft and camping), we offer some additional options at Lîle de Bambecque for those who want a bit more privacy and/or comfort. During the workshop, our other accommodation options are temporarily a bit cheaper than usual. More info about these accommodation options can be found on our website.
Our cottage with double bed and convertible sofa is available during this period. For an additional charge of 75€ per night, you can enjoy extra privacy and comfort here. We also have tepees and bell tents available (these are not heated). The extra charge for the tipi is 10€ per person per night and for the bell tent 20€ per person per night. New this year is our vintage caravan with double bed and convertible sofa bed. It is not heated either and costs 50€ per night.

The workshop will take place in English, Dutch and in some French if necessary.

Reservations can be made by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Your reservation is valid once the fixed amount for accommodation and meals has been paid.
Be quick, there are only 10 places per workshop!

If the basic fee for meals and accommodation is a problem for you, send us a message and we will find a solution.

Kind regards
Team L'île de Bambecque


Marieke Masson
Posted on
21 February 2023