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L'Ile de Bambecque awakens!

After a winter break, L'Ile de Bambecque awakens!

It has become clear that the large accommodation project no longer meets our vision. We completely opt for a smaller approach, both for the resident and for the visitor. Thus, we are 100% committed to participating in the development of 'the new story', i.e. the local and sustainable transition.

Some projects ahead:

  • the big barn becomes a much-needed car park
  • the small hayloft becomes an accessible dormitory
  • the ecological outdoor kitchen will be upgraded with even more sustainable, natural building materials
  • the water purification system is on its way
  • the caravan will provide an extra place to camp

We are also trying to focus more on events, education, retreats, pop-up bar and restaurant... 

Last summer's experience, where numerous enthusiastic campers enjoyed our vegetable garden and its fruits as well as nature experiences on the site, encouraged us to continue on this path and strive for even more off grid living.

Stay tuned for updates, photos, pizza and cute cat pics!

Marieke Masson
Posted on
17 February 2023