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This small-scale 'ecosocial forest' farm of 2.7 hectares is a natural eco-system where nature and biodiversity are priorities. We work according to a regenerative model in which the soil food web is constantly fed with organic material in order to restore the soil and improve biodiversity.

Permaculture and circularity are central terms. Our system has no 'waste' but only organic material that is added back to the system with the help of chickens that compost or mulch for us. This way, no input from outside is needed to feed the soil.

On our property, this translates into about 1 hectare of food forest, 600 m2 of vegetable gardens and an orchard in the sheep pasture.

The food forest is designed by layering the existing trees and bushes with various fruit trees and bushes, vegetables and herbs. These are complementary and thus reinforce each other. This creates a resilient and autonomous system with a large climatological added value. On L'île de Bambecque, the first large plantings of the food forest have already taken place. In the coming years, these will be supplemented so that the food forest will evolve into an oasis of flourishing nature and healthy food within 5 to 10 years.

In the natural, polycultural kitchen garden, we cultivate as diverse a range as possible, including forgotten vegetables, old varieties and special varieties. Here, too, we take permaculture principles into account. We boost biodiversity by growing a rich mix of vegetables, flowers and herbs.

We strive to be as self-sufficient as possible; for ourselves, for our visitors and for customers from the surrounding area (short chain and CSA).

On L'île de Bambecque, we are broadening our agriculture. We also consciously offer recreational, artistic, educational and tourist programmes, provided that nature and biodiversity are respected.

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